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Featured Teams
    With many years great efforts and persistence in professionalism, Xlmedtrans became one of a few large-scale professional medical and pharmaceutical translation companies providing ample language services.
    Through internal human resources conformity, we became stronger and formed 5 featured professional translation teams.
    New drug application file team: Members in this team are professional translators with backgrounds in pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacognosy, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutics, clinical medicine and clinical pharmacology. They are familiar with and proficient in Application Dossier for New Drug Registration (including production process, quality standards, acute and chronic toxicity tests, skin irritation tests, productivity, development and genetic toxicity tests, new drug clinical research Phase I-IV, such as international multicenter, double-blinded, random control trials, as well as medical summaries, reviews and all published articles). Every year, this team accomplished file translation about more than twenty drugs with the volume exceeding 10 million characters.
    Medical device team: This is an integrated team, with translators with various backgrounds of basic & clinical medicine, physics, engineering and mechanics. This team is proficient in electronic devices and diagnosis equipments for medical use, such as X-ray machine, ultrasonic device, MRI, CT, PET, SPECT, DICOM, linear accelerator, pressure generator, as well as apparatus in lab and every clinical department (for instance, cardiovascular surgery, dentistry, and orthopedics). Monthly, they translate several IEC reports, dozens of registration files of new medical products and product manuals.
    Medical dissertation team: In order to help medical staffs solve difficulties in literature composition and publication, in 2004, the company optimized internal resources and founded this team whose member had related experience over years. This team, formed by senior translation experts, foreign nationality translators and foreign linguists, and cooperating with translation agencies in GB, USA, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan published hundreds of medical papers in famous medical journals, most of which was enrolled in SCI. In recent year, we established long-term relationships with some medical organizations (composing medical universities and hospitals) for professional paper translation with monthly volume exceeding 10. Moreover, we also set up long-term partnership with multiple domestic and foreign journals, taking on translation of abstracts, contents and full-text. Due to copyrights and confidentiality, the translated papers by this team are unlisted.
    TCM team: Nowadays, the TCM culture exchange has progressively increased, but the professional terms are not normative and uniform. Facing this situation, in virtue of extensive practice experience in TCM, in 2005, the company founded this team in cooperation with translation experts and elites from The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, China Association of Chinese Medicine, and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The team translated (including composition in English, Japanese and Korean) and published overseas several books concerning basic theory of Chinese medicine, Chinese pharmaceutics, TCM formulae, acupuncture and Chinese internal medicine, and won international praise. In addition, this team has abundant experience in Chinese medicine translation, and has frequently provided services for Tongrentang Phamaceuticals, Dongeejiao Group and Lingrui Group, such as translation of product introduction, components analysis reports, registration files. The team can provide service whatever you need in Chinese medicine.

    Simultaneous interpretation team: This team is formed by returned overseas scholars, overseas Chinese with medical background and bilingual professionals. This team provided services in Great Hall of the People, Beijing International Conference Center, China World Hotel and so on for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in large-scale academic conferences. Recently, we successfully accomplished simultaneous interpretation for WHO official conversation and World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer. This team has rich experience, profound medical knowledge and with business background, therefore, they are capable of providing simultaneous interpretation service for all language communication situations such as medical academic exchange, business conversation and general conference.
Co-operative Units:
World Health Organization
China Medical Association
Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Peking Union Medical College
Peking University Health Science Center
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
China News of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press
 Medical Centre of Fudan University
Second Military Medical University
Witall Chinese Communications
CLS Communication

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