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About Us
        Beijing Xinglin Medtrans Centre (Registration No. 91110105766267032C) is a professional agency specialized in medical and pharmaceutical translation and interpretation. Over 10 years, we have provided translation and interpretation services for hundreds of international medical or pharmaceutical companies and institutes and won wide and high praise.
        We are a professional medical and pharmaceutical translation agency offering high quality service. 90% of our professional translators have a Master’s degree or higher, while the project managers are shouldered by Doctors of Medicine or Pharmacy. We have more than 30 full-time English translators, and 5 with bilingual backgrounds (whose mother tongues are both English and Chinese) and 2 with American nationality; 15 Japanese translators including 6 with Japanese nationality, and 8 simultaneous interpreters with the capability of serving international academic conference. Moreover, hundreds of experts, professors, Doctors of Medicine and Pharmacy from famous medical, pharmaceutical universities and colleges, research institutes and foreign experts (from USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Korea, etc), altogether, form our translator team. In Xlmedtrans, domestic professional medical translators and returned overseas scholars converge together, devoted to the fields consisting of foreign and domestic medical theories and clinical applications, biological pharmaceutical technology, new drug application files as well as medical devices, cosmetics, food, veterinary and other medical related areas. Xlmedtrans supports translation and interpretation of dozens of languages including English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, etc.
        Our average annual translation volume exceeds 80 million characters. We have five specialized teams, they are new drug application file team, which annually accomplishes over dozens of application file series with successfully passing the audit of SFDA; medical device team, whose projects cover user’s manual IEC report and application files concerning hundreds of medical devices and products annually; medical dissertation team, who translates not only more than 10 academic papers monthly, but also contents and paper abstracts in journals; TCM team, which became the Teaching and Practice Base for Medical English Class in Beijing University of Chinese medicine through 2-year-development and simultaneous interpretation team, which carries out consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in international academic conferences and have won high praise from foreign experts.
        We adhere to serving our clients “professionally, accurately and efficiently”. By high-educated and well-equipped translation team, we stringently and conscientiously provide tailored language solutions, offering you fast, convenient translation products and services without your outing.
        Xlmedtrans will mold corporate image by quality and build brand by professionalism.

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